Adress: Rømersgade 18, 1362 København K
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone number: 6070 4780

Opening Hours

Monday 10-19
Tuesday 10-19
Wednesday 10-19
Thursday 10-19
Friday 10-19
Saturday 10-18
Sunday 10-18
Holidays 11-17

Frokostordning i København
Smørrebrød København
Smørrebrød take away København
Smørrebrød take away København



Torvehallerne is a food market that sells everything the stomach desires – fruit, fish, meat, wine, etc. – all of the higest quality. During your visit, you can enjoy a bite to eat at Hallernes Smørrebrød.

We have 16 seats around a bar where you can watch smørrebrød being made, locals shopping, and curious tourists taking photos.

We are not a restaurant, but an open sandwich bar and therefore we cannot guarantee you a seat. There are common dining areas outside, however, where you can sit in all kinds of weather.

The atmosphere in Torvehallerne is busy and cosy, and radiates a love of good food.

It is not possible to reserve a table.